Customer Support Bot for eCommerce


Client Overview

The client requested to be anonymous for this case study. This eCommerce Beauty Shop is a quickly growing startup online retailer in the beauty industry, aimed to enhance customer service efficiency and personalization for its large, diverse customer base.


  • Streamlined customer service addressing orders, purchases, and exchanges.
  • Assist customers in finding the right products.
  • Integration with existing customer and order database for retrieving order details.
  • Integration with Zendesk for ticket creation and routing inquiries to live agents.

The Sideclick Solution

Sideclick developed an advanced chatbot solution that optimized customer service by handling orders, purchases, and exchanges seamlessly. The chatbot utilized AI to guide customers to the right product based on their preferences.

We integrated the chatbot with the existing customer and order database, enabling it to retrieve order information instantly with just an order number. Further, we integrated it with Zendesk, allowing the bot to generate tickets and seamlessly transfer complex queries to live agents.


The innovative chatbot transformed eCommerce Beauty Shop’s customer service, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and efficiency. The robust integrations with the order database and Zendesk streamlined customer interactions, providing a seamless, efficient, and personalized shopping experience.

Sideclick's chatbot integration with our existing customer database and Zendesk has boosted our operations beyond expectations. The ability to instantly retrieve order details or send complex inquiries to a live agent has elevated our customer service.
Rachel, CMO at leading Women's Beauty Product eCommerce Startup