Contractor Lead Gen Bot


Client Overview

Second Mile Painting was successful in driving website traffic via Google Ads but struggled with transforming these visits into tangible leads and customers.


  • An engaging, non-linear chatbot to boost conversion rates.
  • A system for the chatbot to access custom knowledge about services and pricing.
  • Automated porting of leads to their CRM and initiation of follow-up emails.

The Sideclick Solution

Sideclick implemented a dynamic, interactive chatbot powered by Second Mile Painting’s custom knowledge base, ensuring real-time, relevant responses to visitor queries. We integrated an automatic process to port leads to the CRM and launch personalized follow-up emails.


Sideclick’s solution boosted visitor engagement and conversion rates, improved customer interactions, and ensured no lead was left behind. Second Mile Painting’s website transformed from a static platform to a dynamic, interactive customer engagement tool.

I'm very impressed at how the chatbot handles nuance questions. When I brought up cost, it gave me some options and deferred to an in person conversation. Love it!
Vic, CEO of Second Mile Painting